• OIL Buffers for machinery(shock absorbers)-- Short style Series

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    ----This hydraulic buffer for all machinery ,It learned many ten years of product experience.  It has EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE ,You will reduce your cost  of  purchase hydraulic buffer a lot ,   If you can choose our hydraulic buffer,At the same time, It will give you  amazed  excellent performance.The product retail all worldwide, its quality is best,but its price is reasonable. we often stock goods for customer ,wellcome purchase.






    1.For maintenance mechanical safety to prohibit the use of after decomposition.
    2.Use  AD / AC series to be stopped before the effective stroke 1mm previously.




    The scope of application of the Shock Absorbers

    Feeding equipment,screen printer, robot, printing machines, pad printer,conveyors, electronic,  teaching equipment, food package machinery,laboratory,rubber and  plastic machinery. Woodworking, construction machinery, air traffic industry. Health equipment,Defense and military equipment, the steam locomotive manufacturing, environmental protection equipment.



    FUNCTION Shock Absorbers

    1. Reduce noise and provide a quiet environment.
    2.Eliminate the impact of vibration and impact damage.
    3.Accelerate the mechanical actuation frequency, increase the production energy.
    4.Improve efficiency and create high-quality products.
    5.Extending Mechanical life.


    How to choose a Shock Absorbers

    1. Aggregate weight of the moving objects.
    2. Movement direction(horizontal free fall, rotation, etc).
    3. Additional propulsion(gas,hydraulic cylinders,motors).
    4. The impact of the number per minute.
    5. Instantaneous impact velocity.


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