• ETCHING machine for print steel plate - ( standard type)

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    ETCHING machine  for print steel plate - ( standard type)



    - For  Thin clichés steel plate  (thickness: 0.3mm or 0.5mm)

    - For stainless steel plate ( Ceramic dishes pattern printing plate)

    - For  Thickness(10mm~15mm) steel plate  

    - For  Other metel nameplate etching  and metal artwork.



    - Dimensions: 1380x840x1050mm
    - Max steel plate: 500x400mm
    - Weight:150kg
    - Max Work-area (Etch Graphic) :400x400mm
    - ETCHING Water Volume:  60L
    - Power Wattage: 220V /110V - 3200w
    - Use Etching Water:  ferric chloride
    - Made by High-strength industrial plastic production
    - With High-precision spcial long-lasting spray nozzle





    Work principlespray wash time control steel plate depthetching solution
    with built-in temperature method




    Our etching equipment is widely used in Special printing plate making and other industrial products industry.Our etching equipment has the characteristics of easy to use, easy to operate, high stability, durability, precise etching graphics and text, etc.It is an indispensable helper for manufacturers and friends in the pad printing and Gravure industry.Our company provides training and operation of the whole process of steel plate etching technology, welcome to consult and cooperate.

    IF company provides high-quality steel plate and steel plate graphic etching  services for customer.Years of experienced plate making engineers,Using our professionally designed and producted ecth equipment,so many times to solve perfectly the difficult problems for the plate making industry. 




    Sample example below






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